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The journey of starting a Christian Group at our school


This is the third term into our Christian Group. I am not sure how we have got to this point but what’s happening completely excites me. I haven’t been excited about God’s work for a long time. For this group, we didn’t have a great vision, we did not know where this group would lead. All I knew was that God is guiding us, so we just had to take one step at a time. The path we are on is unknown to me, but to God, He sees it all.

2016 Term 3

The beginning…

The idea of starting a Christian group came out of a brief conversation I had with another Christian teacher from school. A seed was planted.

At home group, I brought the idea up, not taking it seriously myself, but a friend from church did.

He continued to ask me how the group was going. I felt accountable to ACTUALLY start it. Couldn’t escape now.

2016 Term 4

A bumpy start…

5 people were interested. They came to one or two meetings. Nobody was sure what we should do, what the group could look like. Then sickness followed, we had to cancel a couple of meetings, the term finished and it seemed like the group was not going anywhere.

Understandably, the students were discouraged by the size of the group (there were 3-4 committed people and this was the size of the group most weeks). They wanted to see more people and excitement. I was not concerned by the size of the group though. I had always firmly believed that building into a small group of actual Christians was way more meaningful and important than a big group of people who were more interested in having fun than knowing Christ. But I saw the students’ disappointment and I was tempted to feel the same at times.

I continued to pray for God’s guidance.

2016 – 2017 Summer break

Talking to trusted older friends helped me to decide that the most helpful thing was to do bible studies for the Christian group. This way, we would be focused on growing the Christians, and if non-Christians visited, they would be in the Word too.

2017 Term 1

4 or 5 new people came to the Christian Group – all new students to the school. We lost 3 out of 4 core members from last year. I was encouraged by the new people yet saddened by the fact that those I thought we could rely on left. 12 people were at the first meeting in.

In the following weeks, we did weekly bible study on Mark. I prepared for the lessons. Lunch time has shortened from last year to 40 mins. The study felt rushed, and we only managed to do 1 study every two weeks. It was ok though, the students said it was still helpful. Around 6 people consistently came. I was curious about particularly 1 girl and 1 boy – both were very quiet, never smiled, and never wanted to say anything. Yet they kept coming every week. Then there were a group of 5 people who came fairly consistently – though not every week. 

By Week 7, the quiet boy and girl stopped coming.


The good thing was, the group has now reduced down to 5 people who faithfully come every week. We were getting to know one another, and we were more relaxed and open to talk. 

2017 Term 2

Z (one of the core group members) emailed me during the holidays, she was very excited to tell me that she, along with some other students that go to her church talked to their youth pastor. They came up with some exciting ideas of where we could take this group. The focus was to make the group more non-Christian friendly (advertising it as doing bible study every week did not help with this….) so that more people would come. I felt quite conflicted about the e-mail. On one hand, I was super thankful and glad that the students felt a sense of ownership for the group, at the same time, I was afraid that this group would turn into a group entertains but not saves. A group that is more interested in growth in numbers rather than growth spiritually. I didn’t want the group to be “mine” but to be the students’ and more importantly, God’s. How should I guide the group to be spiritually fruitful but not dictate everything? I really prayed for wisdom. During this time, my husband has been tremendously helpful giving me advice and helping me process how I should move forward. I asked more people to pray for the group.

A highlight around this time was when one of the students emailed, asking me to pray for her grandmother who was hospitalised. I overjoyed over the work God has done in this 1 term that this little sister in Christ would ask me to pray for her =)

For three weeks our meeting revolved around hearing Z’s ideas, discussing our vision, purpose, and ideas how we could “re-innovate” the meetings. Ideas flowed. 

We came down to the decision to alternate between the more fun, non-Christian friendly meetings and more direct, in-depth discussion weeks. I was so glad that this format seems to work for everyone. 

Right now, we are in preparation for our launch week for the new approach. One of our faithful and talented members designed this poster to go into the school noticeboard. I am impressed by the excellence of the work everyone is putting in.



Now looking back, I see how God has used everything to work together for good. Little did I know, the Bible study I decided on, simply because I thought it was the most meaningful thing to do, God has used it to filter out people who probably would have not been on the same page. The remaining students are the ones that I know I can count on – they have proved their faithfulness, trustworthiness, and commitment to God’s word. 

The journey continues on. I am so excited to see what God has in store for this group. Though I have no idea where He will lead us, I know He is trustworthy and all wise. I can simply trust then just do whatever we know we can do, confidently.

Prayer points:

  • Pray for unity, that God would filter out who doesn’t share the central purpose of sharing Christ with unbelievers;
  • Pray for protection from Satan.
  • Pray for God’s work in students’ hearts. 
  • Pray for this door (Christian group at school) to stay open. 
  • Pray for wisdom for me and the other leaders.
  • Pray that the student leaders would grow in their understanding, faith and commitment.
  • Pray for guidance how we can keep progressing.




Sinner saved by Christ, wife to the most amazing husband, middle - high school maths teacher, learning to love God and others.

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